Tips to Avoid Water Damage in the Home

Tips to Avoid Water Damage in the Home Get technical works in Dubai for air conditioning maintenance Dubai, plumbing works in Dubai, a solar water heater fixer Dubai & water tank cooler fixer in Dubai Water damage can be a serious problem for any home, especially if the damage is done on a consistent basis. […]

Perks of Hiring a Tile Fixer in Dubai

Perks of Hiring a Tile Fixer in Dubai  Zahrat annual maintenance contractor Dubai explains reasons for hiring a tile fixer in Dubai & benefits of home maintenance in Dubai & plumbing works in Dubai Tile flooring is one of the most attractive flooring options that you can choose for your homes, hotels and offices. Since […]

AC Duct Cleaning Service Dubai

AC Duct Cleaning Service Dubai There are a lot of air pollutants, dust, dirt, mould and other parasites inside the ducts that can start building up, and this calls for immediate cleaning to take place because if air conditioning ducts aren’t cleaned these substances can cause major health problems when they get into the home. […]

How to Prepare Your Home for the Eid Holiday?

How to Prepare Your Home for the Eid Holiday? How Zahrat home maintenance contractor will help you prepare your home for Eid with AC maintenance, water filter fixing, tiles fixing, plumbing & electrical works Eid al Adha holiday is fast approaching. It is a widely celebrated event all around the world by Muslims, and in […]

Top 7 Plumbing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Plumbing may seem like a complicated task full of complex problems and solutions. But, contrary to popular belief, it’s really not very difficult. In fact, if you have the right plumbing knowledge and are careful with your installation, you can avoid half of the common mistakes that cause problems in the first place. Seemingly simple […]



Selling your house, buying a house, and even living in your home requires one to be agile in making their home, or new home, have given them a feeling of comfort like no other. New homeowners have little knowledge of how much maintenance of a property is. Regular maintenance is vital in retaining your property’s […]



The internet has made it possible for people to have smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls. Now you can get thermostats installed in your home and control your home/office temperature from your phone or computer. Zahrat aims at providing thermal comfort and reliable indoor air quality.  Commercial air conditioning controls from a top air […]