AC Duct Cleaning

Certified AC technicians providing servicing, cleaning and disinfection services in Dubai and across the UAE. Get your AC serviced and cleaned to ensure a healthy and infection-free home. Deep clean your AC and service it regularly. We provide AC Maintenance & Servicing Contracts. Over time, dust, dirt, mould and other parasites can build up on your AC ducts, affecting the quality of your air, increasing the risk of harmful airborne diseases and aggravating any allergies that you or your family may have. Duct cleaning enables any dirt, debris and harmful contaminants to be removed, ensuring your air is both clean and healthy.

Duct cleaning focuses on successfully removing all traces of dirt, slime, mould and debris that may be trapped within your ducts and other components of your HVAC system, leaving them sparkling. Our experienced technicians use market-leading Rotobrush equipment that both robustly cleans the ducts while simultaneously suck away all dirt in a simple, stress-free, mess-free procedure. The result? A far cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

Our process involves:

All furniture and flooring surrounding the work area fully covered, keeping your personal effects clean.

Appropriate set up of equipment so that the full length of all ducts can be reached and cleaned.

Removal of vent covers from the walls.

Comprehensive review of the ducts so that the dirty areas can be identified before cleaning

Methodical insertion and operation of the Rotobrush® into each AC duct branch separately.

Insertion of the fogging machine into ducting. This releases an antifungal disinfectant, killing any remaining bacteria within the ducts.

A thorough review of each duct line after cleaning to assess and ensure quality of the process.

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